NA Radio: NYC Stop The Police/Slave Catcher Raids!

Tonight on New Abolitionists Radio, several guests will join us for a discussion on the upcoming fundraiser and panel discussion related to the police raids in New York City. View the live stream on our New Abolitionists Radio Facebook page. Make sure to like and follow the page.


Sis Basir Sirajuddin is an area activist who currently has a son in prison slavery due to a wrongful arrest and prosecution.

-Yodaa Kreep is a rapper from the Bronx, who was taken from his community during the Boston Secor gang raids in 2017. Yodaa came home from prison in 2020 and is one of the participants in this year’s We Home event from the Stop the Raids coalition.

-Max is an outside organizer with the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee-NYC and a member of the Stop the Raids coalition. Outside of organizing activities, Max is a teacher and researcher.

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