The Black Reality Think Tank is humbled and extremely honored to have as our guest Dr. Ra Un Nefer Amen

. Dr. Ra Un Nefer Amen will share with Dr. WilliamRogers, host, and the listening audience, a guide on using the principles of MAAT as a guide for living healthy successful lives.

Dr. Ra Un Nefer Amen is a world-renowned bestselling author, best known for the Metu Neter Series (1-7) and a host of other publications. He is a lecturer, spiritual teacher, health practitioner, and counselor. He is the Shekhem Ur Shekhem (King of Kings) and Ashem UrAshemu (Chief Priest) of the Ausar Auset Society (AAS) which he founded in Harlem, New York more than 45 years ago. In those 45 years, the society has grown to an international community with branches in more than 35 cities in the USA, three cities in the UK, and chapters in Canada, Ghana, South Africa, Bermuda, Trinidad, and Tobago. There are also many, many individual followers, participants, and well-wishers from practically all over the world. As Chief Priest, spiritual teacher and counselor of this international community, he has been extremely successful in guiding its members towards the accomplishment of living healthy successful lives in a truly holistic sense. Based on the ancient Kamitic Spiritual teachings, he provides incomparable knowledge and guidance on the proper development of the spirit, mind, and body.

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