BTR News: Woman Says Her First Amendment Rights Threatened For Protesting In Gaston County

Description: BTR News continues its local coverage of events that have transpired since the murder of George Floyd to include the reoccurring issue of promoting white supremacy via a Gaston County-owned neo-confederate monument being displayed in front of the county courthouse. We will hear from one of those who have been on the frontlines of social justice protests in Gaston County and attended Gaston County commissioner meetings.

Unfortunately, Ms. Paige Williams is reporting that her first amendment rights are being threatened by a parole officer allegedly instigated by one of the Gaston County Sherrif Deputies.

When asked if her racial classification as non-white played a role in this threat she said

“Gaston county knows my family and I feel like had I been one of the white people who are for the statue then nothing would have been said but because I’m mixed they got a problem”.

Ms. Williams will share her story tonight on BTR News.

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