BTR News: Too Many Cops Are Dirty & Trump A Threat To Public Safety

BTR News Tonight with Scotty Reid will take a look at news from around the world tonight including another deadly use of excessive force by LA Sherrif’s deputies.

Local: Get the real 411 on voting rights for those classified as felons in North Carolina and get registered to vote. North Carolina offers online voter registration.

An elderly woman in poverty with cancer barely escapes fire with two granddaughters faces homelessness in Gastonia. Cassie Dowdy and her granddaughters Abby 8 yrs old and Bella 7 yrs old were the victims of a house fire that totally destroyed the house. To help you can call her directly at 704 315 0227.

Gaston County residents continue to “Occupy The Courthouse” in protest of the unethical way County Board members handled the proceedings concerning the neo-confederate idol that was relocated to the new courthouse in 1998 complete with a brand new 35-foot pedestal that towers over all tributes to United States veterans. The statute’s history is rooted in the Jim Crow South, and the movement that emerged to change history by making heroes out of traitors, slavers, and racists.

National: Prosecutors in Kentucky reportedly offered Breonna Taylor’s ex-boyfriend a bribe to get him to commit perjury by testifying that she was a part of a crime syndicate.

Two Los Angles law enforcement officer’s shot a man at least twenty times who was according to police fleeing from them over a so-called unspecified bicycle code violation.

Portland man goes with the pro-Trump group to spread hate in downtown Portland and gets shot and killed. The group was filmed shooting citizens demonstrating in Portland with paintball guns which have been misidentified as firearms in other circumstances and sprayed unsuspecting people with “bear mace”. That man has been identified as Aaron J. Danielson of Portland.

One member of the group Danielson was with posted a video on Facebook with a message that they were going to the downtown area to hunt “Antifa”.

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