3 Guys Talking Smack “Say Her Name” Breonna Taylor

Say Her Name ‘Breonna Taylor”

The Guys and Benita welcome listeners and friends to reflect on Black Lives Matter and the murder of Breonna Taylor

Listen as we try to deal with the social and political climate through
music and reflection

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One Reply to “3 Guys Talking Smack “Say Her Name” Breonna Taylor”

  1. Greetings brothers, the two hour production was impeccable and the unity you all displayed in response to misunderstood controversy was a lesson for the world. The coordination of comments and music took me to a higher place. Thank you all for loving each other, what you do and the people for whom you do this mighty work. The following verse from our Spiritual National Anthem is truly what our enslaved ancestors faced and remains real for too many folks of color: ” Felt in the days when hope unborn had died”!✌❤️

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