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3 Replies to “3 Guys Talking Smack and Listening To Music Season 2 Episode 20”

  1. If Black Lives, especially our Black queens are not respected by our own, how can expect others to respect us. It is shameful that Omar continues to sully the waters. Why do this on this Black platform? Take your self hating comments to Fox Nation or Limbaugh. Maybe Diamond and Silk need a third wheel for their coon train. All skinfolk is not our kinfolk.
    Times are too serious for detractors.

  2. I agree with Brent. In this era when Black don’t matter to a lot of cops and a lot of Whites is unfortunately expected, is troubling when some of assimilate into the majority culture that they lose site of their own culture. I don’t know Omar and withhold judgement but if it walks and talks like a duck,it is usually a duck. This ain’t about politics, but going back this brother has a history of dragging prominent Black folks down and siding with the oppressor when it comes to whether Black Lives Matter. Not talking about the organization, I am talking about the concept. Why quote Brother Drew and disavow what he stood for. I am very familiar with the Moorish Science Temple. While i am a practicing Christian, I respect all faith traditions.

    I agree with Sister Benita ( also listen to Love Wins) in her assignment of Satanic influences in this administration. I have already voted to remove this charlatan.Wake Up Omar or get the Hell Out Of The Way

  3. Omar’s pattern of disrespecting ‘Black” is curious after his reading of scripture from Noble Drew Ali,the Father of Black Nationalism. From the Anthem to Black Lives Matter to now the first woman of African and Indian descent.And for continuing the Right Wing Racist pronunciation of her name.Since you like to educate us,let me educate you that her name is pronounced “COMMA LA”.

    Why is he on a Black Network with his disdain? I don’t have to support or agree with Senator Harris ,but I HAVE to respect her as I respect my mother ,wife and all Black Queens.

    Thanks Big P for calling it out,but in my humble opinion not strong enough,

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