BTR News: Presidents Lincoln & Jackson Partly Responsible For 2021 Insurrection

By Scotty Reid – Historians, should correct me if I am wrong about any points of U.S. history I am going to delve into which informs my thinking that part of the blame for the attack on the US capitol on January 6, 2021 is in part, due to the actions and precedence set by Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Jackson in dealing with the treasonous ring leaders of the Confederacy in the closing days and years after the US Civil War.

What lessons can we learn about that day’s events besides the fact that Donald Trump is a master manipulator and cultish figure who is willing to do anything, including commit acts of treason and sedition, in order to remain in office to shield him from civil lawsuits and possible criminal trials?

Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Jackson’s coddling of those who took up arms against the United States of America is why the nation continues to be plagued with such domestic national security concerns.

This is why we continue to be plagued with the question of slavery, which has not been abolished but rather in a different form, and suspected racist terrorists staging insurrections in 2021. Both Lincoln and Jackson were racist men leading a patriarchal society, both holding personal white supremacist beliefs systems thus likely to have made them sympathetic to those who just tried to break apart the United States of America in order to create a government founded on the principles racism and slavery. After all, these was a meeting between cordial Congressional friends before Lincoln’s election to President.

Abraham Lincoln’s malfeasance in dealing with leaders of the beaten Confederacy is well documented but not exactly explored by filmmakers and documentarians. Abraham Lincoln deserves none of the praise for which he is given considering he was a racist politician from Illinois  who somehow made it to the Presidency campaigning on the back of the abolitionist movement of his day while making no promises to move to outlaw the institution if elected to office.

He would later betray the abolitionist movement by endorsing the 13th Amendment along with other white Union representatives in Congress who perhaps were quick to end the bloodshed rather than actually end slavery. It did not matter to them it seems, that their compromise would lead to a different form of lawful enslavement by way of the criminal justice system, in both state and federal courts. State laws commonly referred to as “Black Codes” were written to target and terrorize the formerly enslaved African-American citizens returning members of the group back to a state of enslavement, except this time within the confines of the 13th Amendment.

President Andrew Jackson, a personal hero of Donald Trump, issued a number of pardons to confederates who were prohibited by the 14th Amendment from running for and serving in public office. If I am correct, the pardons would allow former insurrectionists who took up arms against the United States, men who should have found the end of a US government rope, to run and hold public office.

While a number of arrests are being made in connection to the January 6th assault on the nation’s capital, the ringleaders including Donald Trump, members of his family, his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and a number of others aligned with Trump, have not been charged for inciting the insurrection. And so we don’t get it twisted, members of the establishment are propagandizing some notion that there is nothing the nation can do to hold Trump accountable for his part in the conspiracy so don’t be surprised if all you see prosecuted are those without political connections and financial resources to stay out of jail.

The wealthy in this country have a history of using bottom rung whites in the hierarchy of white supremacy ranks, to commit all sorts of violence and crimes against humanity, if it means maintaining their place on the top rungs of power.

President-elect Joe Biden doesn’t seem to be the man of the hour as he doesn’t seem to take the attack on the nation’s capital serious enough and has been talking about healing “America”. Isn’t that kind of weak willed response in properly dealing with insurrectionists in and outside of government that got us to where we are today? I think so. And as was brought up during the 2020 campaign, Joe Biden believes in working with the same sort of people who stormed the capital. That’s his history and only time will reveal if he has changed in this regard.

When a government is soft on insurrectionists and domestic terrorism perpetrated by white people, it only leads to more terrorism and insurrections by white people.

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