The Harsh Reality Podcast Ep.19

• The surging interest in crypto and hype-beast stocks, with the latest example being Elon Musk tweeting about Dogecoin. Is crypto and stock pumping the new grift, particularly preying on the under-educated community. Why black people need to educate themselves outside of propaganda. Should the SEC step in?
• Joe Biden’s administration and Democrats proposing $1400 stimulus checks as opposed to the $2000 originally proposed prior to the election. Did they play their constituents?
• Did Van Jones deserve to get kicked off the block of “blackness?” Should we accept a non-black woman questioning his blackness? Should we defend Van Jones for conducting business on our behalf? Was he being targeted for not being a liberal slave?
• Transgenders now allowed to join the military and also participate in school sports of gender in which they identify.; A win for civil rights or detrimental to biological women/men?
• Is Kevin Samuels exposing the mental health issues of black women or just being abrasive?
• Wrap Up

*Contains Explicit Language*

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