3 Guys

3 Guys Talking Smack and Listening To Music/ Valentine Special

Liam, Benita ,Shirleen, Traci Denise, Omar  and Big P  are  in the Love Zone or was really  the Twilight Zone?  Good Music and Good Fun!

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5 Replies to “3 Guys Talking Smack and Listening To Music/ Valentine Special”

  1. Wrapping expressions of love and peace around hateful shade is totally inappropriate, especially when the facts are sketchy according to Big Tony and Diane. I am sorry ,I agree that Omar’s comments were out of bounds.
    Who is he angry with? No one advocates crime and we appreciate good cops.

  2. According to the Gun Violence Archive, a total of at least 19,223 Americans lost their lives due to gun violence in 2020. A contributing factor was the uptick in gun sales. I think in March alone, 2 million guns had been sold. And so we saw this increase in gun sales that persisted throughout 2020.
    One of the things that certainly could have played a factor as well is that public resources simply were diverted due to the pandemic – so the work of violence interrupters, social programs and support services not being as readily available.
    Police violence in particular is a devastating problem here in the United States. Police officers are three times more likely to fatally shoot a Black individual than a white individual,

  3. Was watching Judas and the Black Messiah last night and wondering why The White Man can always find a Black Judas? What is the price of freedom? We are entitled to our opinions but not our “Alternative Facts”

    All our skin folk are not our kinfolk. Black Lives don’t matter to even some of our skin folk.


  4. What do White police officers have to do with crime in Black neighborhoods. Agree with Big Tony .False equivalency. Blacks and Whites commit crimes. Black and White police officers are not above the law. How many Black officers have gotten away with killing Whites? How many White cops have gotten away with killing Black folk? No room for House Negroes in the struggle! Truth Always Wins!

  5. I have been listening on and off over the past months and have again been disturbed by Omar. I live in the City of Richmond , work in ChurchHill and know one person on the panel fairly well. In case Omar didn’t know ,crime in the City is DOWN. I know of several community groups who are working with the police to lower crime and provide safe recreational activities for children. This is another case of Whataboutism that is being used by conservative bots across the country. How dare you apply the false equivalency of criminal acts of a few criminals and the criminal acts of paid sworn peace officers?

    I have always been curious what brings a Black man to hate himself and his people so much.

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