The Harsh Reality Podcast Presents: Ep.3 (J_Elevates)

Our guest today is the intelligent, free-spoken, and powerful Queen J going by the handle J_Elevates on Instagram and Telegram. Her social media feeds have been hard-hitting truth bombs and she brings a much-needed red pill to the influencer realm, being followed by cultural figures like Godfrey and Lord Jamar just to name a few. That being said, I am overjoyed that she has graciously accepted my offer to come on the podcast and discuss recent events as well as maybe a bit of spirituality, health, and whatever subjects we venture into in this candid discussion as it pertains to our community.

Interview Topics
• Introduction: Tell us a little about yourself?
• Thoughts on the “Pandemic” and its overall effect on the black community economically, mentally, and spiritually. Why are the black/brown communities specifically being targeted? The lack of traditional health and holistic healing in the community.
• Is there a war on the traditional/nuclear family unit, specifically targeting strong fathers/males? Is there a gender divide being pushed by the powers that be?
• Thoughts on politics: What to expect from the new presidential administration?
• The importance of preparedness as the New Normal takes hold. What do you expect to happen in 2021 going forward and how can people prepare?
• Wrap Up (plug business information, events, socials, etc.)

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