BTR News – Liberal James Clyburn Continues To Undermine Progressives & Police Reform

Former 60s era civil rights activists who have been in office for far too long are part of an establishment cabal in the Democrat Party that prevents progress in these modern times. One such person is Rep, James Clyburn, the number three Democrat in the U.S. House representing pharmaceutical companies instead of the poor people suffering a range of issues in South Carolina.

People like Clyburn rode Dr. King’s coattails into public office and now represent those who are against the very policies that King advanced using words like “socialist” as a pejorative to attack progressives, the same attacks used against the civil rights movement and Dr, King by racist politicians.

Sources: Watts Uprising 1965

Jim Clyburn Undercuts the Democratic Police Reform Bill

Defund the police 

Liberal Buffalo Mayor who lost Democratic Primary Bitterly Announces A Write In Campaign

India Walton responds to the announcement of a write-in campaign by Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown

Clyburn echoes Scott’s comments on race — but hits back at GOP voting laws push

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