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The 5W1H Show Ep.5 (Random Topics W. Smoking Damages)

On this episode a good friend of the show Smoking Damages stops by to discuss some current events from an attempted counter racists perspective. We touched on everything that’s going on with music artist Da Baby, Elton Johns and Madonna’s response to his comments which have caused quite a stir recently. We venture into Ed Bucks criminal trial in which two non white black males died at Mr. Bucks residence as result of drug overdoses. Also discussed was Oli London who’s a White Man that changed his race (yes i know confusing), and last but not least we give our thoughts on the viral slave themed wedding involving a non white black male victim of racism and a white woman.


One Reply to “The 5W1H Show Ep.5 (Random Topics W. Smoking Damages)”

  1. Was a privilege to take part in this broadcast, hopefully non-white people find the content constructive. Replace the system of Racism White Supremacy with a system of JUSTICE.
    Victim’s Guaranteed Qualification on the topics discussed.
    Oli London is a suspected racist.
    Madonna is a suspected racist.
    Elton John is a suspected racist……because they are classified as white in a SYSTEM of racism white supremacy!
    White people who SAY they are NOT racist (collectively), have NOT PROVEN to me that they have the ability OR the will to stop the white people who ARE!

    Smoking Damages
    @ReviewsRM Instagram

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