BTR News – The Willie Lynch Letter & The Black Attack On Black Identified Christians

Afro-Christiphobia is a term that refers to the hate that Black people produced to use as a weapon against other Black people. So a person tried to cryptically call me out in a chat room because he is still salty cause I kicked his program off Black Talk Radio Network years ago because of his on-air Afro-Christophobia, a term I came up with to describe the behavior of Black people using hurtful, hateful, mean-spirited, and often factually incorrect opinions of Black Christians specifically and Christianity in general.

I discuss why it was the correct decision to ban him and how the behavior intersects with the Willie Lynch Letter that proposed ways to keep victims of slavery in bondage by getting them to hate on each other and love their enslavers.

Willie Lynch letter: The Making of a Slave

Historian dispels myths surrounding slavery

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