Abolition Today – Contempt For The Oppressed w/ Guest Allegra Casimir-Taylor

In the words of George Jackson, “The only way the oppressor can maintain his position, is by fostering, nurturing, deadly contempt for the oppressed.”

In music and messaging, last week was one of our most powerful programs to date as we tackled King Cotton.

This week we delve into the tactic of nurturing contempt for the oppressed. We’ll be joined by Allegra Casimir-Taylor. Daughter of Hugo Pinell who spent 47 years in solitary confinement (Torture) before being assassinated at the age of 70 in prison by white supremacists at New Folsom Prison on August 12, 2015. He was known as one of the “San Quentin Six” for his resistance efforts under the leadership of George Jackson.

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