The C.O.W.S. Woody Allen’s Apropos of Nothing Part 7 #AntiAsianViolence

Thursday, September 16th 8:00PM Eastern/ 5:00PM Pacific

Soon-Yi Previn and Woody Allen

The Context of White Supremacy hosts the 7th study session on Woody Allen’s Apropos of Nothing. One of the most critically acclaimed movie-makers of all time, Woody Allen is a New York City and entertainment icon. In addition to his flicks, he’s an acclaimed comedian, a concert-playing musician, and bestselling author – Apropos of Nothing being his most recent text. Published in 2020, the autobiography recounts his life, entertainment career, and “romance” with Soon-Yi Previn. In addition to being non-white, adopted/abducted from Korea, and thirty-five years younger than Allen, Previn was Allen’s stepchild. Despite a damning Child Protective Services investigation and years of allegations of child rape and sexual abuse of children, Allen remains beloved my hoards of Whites. We’ll examine this work for what it reveals about White culture. During our last reading, Allen finally details his relationship with Mia Farrow and how he and Soon-Yi became a couple. Allen insists that he was duped by Farrow’s blue-eyed feminine wiles. He describes her White family members as criminal scofflaws, while asserting that he had more traditional family roots and no unlawful relatives. Allen writes as if readers forgot him describing his family’s gang-banging connections and love of firearms. Allen then details his budding attraction to Soon-Yi while hanging out at Knicks’s basketball games. Woody tells us that he and Soon-Yi became intimate after she started college – and was of legal consenting age. He describes the “lust filled beginnings of their romance” – which led to a nude photoshoot with Soon-Yi. Allen goes extra hard with the insistence that he’s just a dumb, ignorant, stupid, dolt.

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