The C.O.W.S. w/ Dr. Martin Kevorkian: White Supremacy, The Matrix, and King Richard

Wednesday, January 26th 5:00PM Eastern/ 8:00PM Pacific
The Context of White Supremacy welcomes the return of Dr. Martin Kevorkian. A Professor of English at the University of Texas Austin, Dr. Kevorkian authored Color Monitors: The Blackface of Technology in America. The main premise of the text is that many of the narratives of White culture represent non-white people as threatening machines/non-humans. His research submits that films like The Terminator and Matrix franchises are sterling illustrations of this pattern – both depicting an apocalyptic White future because of unruly machines outnumbering and overpowering their White masters. The Matrix franchise recently offered a brand new installment, we’ll see if the new film fits Dr. Kevorkian’s thesis. We’ll also review the 1988 classic, Die Hard. This film is more than thirty years old, but still referenced and broadcast ad nauseam. Dr. Kevorkian writes extensively about this film and it’s depiction of black male characters. We’ll ask why so many insist seeing a lone White man (Bruce Willis) kill and pillage for 90 minutes is widely considered a “Christmas” favorite. We’ll also discuss one of Gus’s all time favorite films, Manderlay (2005), and one of his new favorites, King Richard (2021).
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