BTR News: The Battle For Ukraine Analysis w/ Scotty & Dave

Join us for an open discussion on the military conflict in Ukraine with Russian troops occupying key parts of the country after recognizing the independence of two regions that have a majority of people identified with Russia and do not hold Ukrainian white nationalist right-wingers in the West who are of varying ethnic tribal affiliations. 

Joining us in conversation tonight is Dave who is formerly of Thando Radio show and familiar to the BTR audience. 

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4 Replies to “BTR News: The Battle For Ukraine Analysis w/ Scotty & Dave”

  1. Hi Scottie: I am having trouble signing in.
    please contact me.

    Also FB disrupted my account because of my two pictures about the truth: discrimination and favoritism. Also known as the paper bag theory that is still dividing black people. Why we can’t take the blinder off our eyes?

  2. Thanks for tuning in, please share with friends and family. The Western media is doing what it does best, tell lies and half-truths.

  3. Hello,
    Would you kindly ask Brother Dave to contact me. I was blessed to hear his presentation on LanceScurv on Sunday, 2/27/2022. I am interested in purchasing precious metal. I would appreciate a response from him.

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