The C.O.W.S. Fred Rosen’s The Bayou Strangler Part 2 #Katrina17 #DelectableNegro

Thursday, September 1st 8:00PM Eastern / 5:00PM Pacific

The Katherine Massey Book Club @ The C.O.W.S. hosts the 2nd study session on Fred Rosen’s The Bayou Strangler: Louisiana’s Most Gruesome Serial Killer. Ironically, this book and the book we just finished, Absolute Madness, are both “true crime” texts written by White authors detailing the slaughter of dozens of black males. Both books were published in 2017. In fact, the parallels between these two serial killings are unrelenting. The rampant child rape within the Roman Catholic Church is a core element of what transpired in Buffalo and in New Orleans. Listeners and Gus T. suspected Joseph G. Christopher may have been raped and/or molested by his father or a member of the Buffalo diocese. Ronald Dominique alleged that he was molested as a child by a Catholic priest. The Houma-Thibodaux and New Orleans’s dioceses released lengthy lists of White men accused of raping children. In fact, the FBI recently launched an investigation into the child molestation charges against the New Orleans diocese. They’re employing the very same Mann Act used against the great Jack Johnson more than a century ago. Last week Rosen employed the term “Cajun culture” to describe the widespread sexual abuse of children by adults – often including parents and other family members of the victim. Gus reminded listeners that southern Louisiana has a centuries long, proud history of sexual debauchery of all sorts. All of this evidence makes it difficult to believe that a White man would be mercilessly teased about being “gay” in this part of the world during any part of the last 200 years.

#NOLA #Katrina17 #DelectableNegro
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