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Waleed Shahid of Decarcerate PA is joining us to tonight to discuss their call in campaign to stop the expansion of prison plantations in the state of Pennsylvania.


This week Decarcerate  PA is leading a call-in campaign and asking the public to the Pennsylvania House and Senate Judiciary Chairpersons this week “to demand that they hold hearings to determine whether the Department of Corrections intentionally misled the General Assembly about potential cost savings to justify the construction of SCI Phoenix I and II, and to immediately halt construction on Phoenix I and II while this matter is investigated.” Click here for phones numbers and scripts.

Earlier this month former Cameron County District Attorney Armando R. Villalobos was sentenced Tuesday to 13 years in federal prison.

Your economic standing in the United States can determine if you go to a prison plantation or a prison resort. Depending on the type of prison, you may have access to excellent healthcare or you may have access to the worst healthcare in the United States.

Columbia University is being taken to task for its multimillion dollar investments in the world’s largest private prison enslavers and human traffickers, Corrections Corporation of America. There is petition up demanding Columbia divest from the CCA.

Our constitutional modern day slavery profile tonight is Arkansas.

Our profile in abolitionism is Rev. Anthony Bewley (May 22, 1804 – September 13, 1860). Rev. Bewley was lynched and his body desecrated for being an abolitionist.

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