Petition says music industry would never promote songs degrading Jews or gays

Music Industry

A new petition has been posted to calling on music industry executives to stop promoting songs that degrade Black people. The petition, which was posted by Kenneth Paulk of Atlanta, Georgia, says that music company executives would never tolerate artists signed to their labels making songs that degrade Jewish or gay people.

“Record companies the rappers are your EMPLOYEES and you would never allow your EMPLOYEES to make songs that disrespect or degrade the Jewish people, and you would never allow your employees to make songs that disrespect Gays, but you allow your employees to make songs that disrespect and degrade black people.”

The petition also takes aim at the Black community and says that other groups would never tolerate racial slurs or racialized slang to be promoted by corporations through their artists and that the Black community should not tolerate the constant use of the n-word going out over the public airwaves in their communities.

Clear The Airwaves Project demonstration at the McDonalds on 66th & Stony in Chicago.

One Chicago based group has been taking the same message to the decision makers at local radio stations and has called on local businesses to stop advertising on radio stations that push songs with violent lyrics, especially in cities like Chicago where there is a problem with gun violence.

In February, Clear The Airwaves Project demonstrated outside a local McDonald’s fast food restaurant calling on the franchise owners to stop supporting the violent, misogynist and over sexualized music that the local radio stations are broadcasting to the community.

In a Clear The Airwaves Project Facebook post, Crawford Broadcasting was specifically called out for hypocrisy.

“We called Crawford Broadcasting last week to complain about the strip-club, murda musick’ their minions at Power 92.3 are playing. While we were on hold waiting for the person in charge to pick up, we heard bible verses being read on their station in Colorado. 1002 miles away to east in Chicago they play songs like AMEN from Meek Millz, which encourages our people to kill each other and only then we will hear the Bible verses at the funerals of our children.”

Black Talk Media Project founder Scotty Reid says he stands behind efforts to stop the poisoning of the public airwaves and that communities must come together to take control of their community airwaves. Whether it is through public education, targeting the music industry and local radio stations or targeting the businesses that advertise on these stations, every tool available must be utilized to clear the public airwaves of the garbage being programmed into the minds of the masses.

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  1. CEMOTAP is the committee to eliminate media offensive to afrikan people! They are based in NYC and are fully aware of this struggle!!

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