Charlotte, NC cop charged with excessive force after attacking handcuffed suspect

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Charlotte police officer Jason Van Aken has been arrested after police investigators say he attacked a suspect who was in handcuffs and leg chains breaking the man’s collar bone. Officer Jason Van Aken was charged today with assault inflicting serious injury and simple assault on 30 yr-old Terance G. Malachi on August 14, 2014 who was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon.

Malachi was shoved into a brick wall by Officer Jason Van Aken inside a police station interview room had to be taken to the hospital to treat his injuries.

Local activist have indicated in the past that CMPD Police Chief Rodney Monroe has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to officers abusing their authority and has been on a mission to clean up the department of the “good ole boys”.

When Johnathan Ferrell was shot and killed by former CMPD Officer Randall Kerrick in 2013, it only took investigators a matter of days to complete their investigation and recommend the officer be charged for the killing. Kerrick awaits trial after being indicted by a grand jury.

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