NA Radio: Corcoran prison hunger strikers need help

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International human rights activist and writer Annabelle Parker who resides in Netherlands recently visited a Corcoran prison in California. After meeting with a prisoner, she wrote up a report about the hunger strike 3 prisoners have went on to once again fight for not only their own medical care, some in life threatening situations, but for the human rights of all prisoners. Her report was published by the SFBayView black newspaper.Prisoners in Corcoran have been conducting hunger strikes off and on against inhumane treatment for awhile and one elderly prisoner died in 2004. Corcoran prison staff is currently preventing doctors from treating these three men involved in the current hunger strike. Parker said this is retaliation for the hunger strikes they participated in the last time the  prisoners went on hunger strikes for human rights.

Our abolitionist in profile is George Latimer and our state profile is Oklahoma.

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