Serena Shim

White Supremacist says dead Press TV reporter fell victim to “CIA black op”

Serena Shim
Press TV Reporter Serena Shim was killed in a car crash in Turkey on Sunday, October 19, 2014

Is the CIA behind the killing of Iran’s Press TV reporter Serena Shim. Rodney Martin, the chairperson of the American Nationalist Association, seems to believe evidence suggest the American reporter was the victim of a “CIA black op”. Serena Shim was reportedly killed in Turkey days after she claimed Turkish intelligence services had threatened her life as she attempted to engage in investigative journalism in the NATO and US allied nation. She reportedly exposed Turkey’s assistance of the group being called ISIL that is reportedly committing acts of mass terror across Syria and Iraq.

Associated Press reporter Dale Gavlak was reportedly the target of threats last year when she produce a news report which exposed how Syrian rebels were responsible for the chemical weapons attacks inside of Syria after being handed the weapons by Saudi intelligence agents.

Press TV Reporter Serena Shim was killed in a car crash in Turkey on Sunday, October 19, 2014. Rodney Martin told Press TV that using car crashes to assassinate someone is nothing new to the CIA or Mossad, the Israeli security service.

“Farcical car accidents have been a CIA and their MOSSAD trainees’ specialty since the early 1950s. Likewise, the CIA has targeted those who have exposed their boondoggles and ISIL is a major CIA boondoggle,”

Serena Shim was also an American citizen and the US State Department has been relatively quiet about her death.

Her last series of Facebook posts was about US airstrikes on the Syria city of Kobani on October 15, 2014, four days before here reported death in Turkey.

However, Rodney Martin and the American Nationalist Association are a side story to the Shim story and questionable choice of Press TV to comment on Shim’s possible murder.

The ANA is a white nationalist organization that is interested in protecting the so-called dignity and honor of racists, white supremacists, human slave traders, land thieves and mass murderers.  Part of the organization’s “Statement of Objectives” reads,

To unite all honorable, dedicated, courageous and selfless men and women of European-American decent; proud of their European blood, culture, traditions, language, and ideals. Dedicated to our proud and respectable American National Community to advance the interests of our people and protect the dignity and honor of our ancestors.

The American Nationalist Association is also very concerned about the genetic survival of white people and charts the growth of the Hispanic populations across America. American Nationalist Association has an online radio program that is broadcast on Blog Talk Radio, “The official Radio Network of the American Nationalist Association”.

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2 Replies to “White Supremacist says dead Press TV reporter fell victim to “CIA black op””

  1. This article was just brought to my attention. The adjective “White Supremacist” is intellectually dishonest and does NOT apply to myself NOR the American Nationalist Association. We do not operate the “White Radio Network. We do NOT allow racial epitaphs and we endorse self-determination and nationalism for ALL people. Unlike LaRaza, which means “The Race” and the New Black Panthers we do NOT advocate violence and we have reached out to other peoples. I have appeared on Black hosted radio programs, who have described me as “always telling the truth” and I have stood up for the Palestinians against genocide and ethnic cleansing. Likewise I have opposed police militarization and the fraudulent U.S. criminal justice system which preys on those with the least. What your headline and comments have done is merely engaged in intellectually dishonest race-baiting and gives every appearance that this web site/entity wishes to continue “milking racial problems for personal gains. That will only lead to more death, suffering and misery. Feel free to contact me for a honest conversation.
    Rodney Martin
    American Nationalist Association

  2. I am Fatmeh Shim ,Serena Shim’s younger sister. I need help spreading the word about my sister. She payed her life trying to open the world eyes off what they where being spoon fed by the mass media. There is no reporter that has ever provided the footage and exposed such truth. She was not deaf and I need help not letting the world PLAY dumb, deaf, and stupid.

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