Update on Corcoran prison hunger strikers fighting for improved medical care

Corcoran Prison

Earlier this month New Abolitionists Radio interviewed International human rights activist and writer Annabelle Parker about the  prison hunger strike involving 3 prisoners who were protesting for not only their own medical care, some in life threatening situations, but for the human rights of all prisoners being held in California’s Corcoran prison. Her report is published here along with the original call to action on behalf of the hunger strikers.

This update comes from Annabelle Parker,

Dear friends, fellow fighters for Human Rights,

I have a letter today from Michael Zaharibu Dorrough, dated 10-13-2014, in which he writes the following about his medical situation:

“You are probably aware that i was taken to an outside hospital. I had thought that it was for gallstones (that will come later they said), but it was my spine. An MRI was taken of it. Initially they said that they would do surgery, but they have me on medications, including steroids, to reduce the swelling around my spine. I am supposed to go back out to an outside hospital for follow-up, and a decision will be made on the course of treatment. You could see immediately that a couple of the doctors here disagreed with the diagnosis. But that’s only because there are problems they could have resolved…. It’s a money issue… I am required to wear a neck brace also, and some of them don’t like that the hospital outside issued it to me, and the cdcr cannot bill me for it). 

I am trying to get a fill on some of the side-effects from the medications. Especially the steroids. I’m going to have to submit an appeal. When i attempted to speak to one doctor about it, he made it clear that he was not interested in it….

“I did have an opportunity to speak to Kambui, and i am glad that he was able to have whatever tests that were possible. (thanks much for that. None of it would be possible without you).”

So thank you on behalf of Michael Dorrough, Kambui Robinson and Heshima Denham  for all of your help, pressure, making it known to the outside!

I also have a letter from Heshima dated 10-7 telling me Kambui Robinson was returned to the unit in Corcoran:

“He sounds and looks a lot better. He’s giving us a rundown on everything the doctor(s) told him and what his prognosis looks like, and I’ll give you a run-down on it as soon as he finishes.”

Now we still need to pressurize the prison of CSP-Corcoran to do an MRI on Heshima Denham J-38283 for the chronic, severe pain he is experiencing in his side following the 2011 hunger strike.

When I know more, I will let you know. 

Thank you again, for all of your precious help!

Annabelle Parker

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