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Tonight we welcome several guest activist associated with New Abolitionist Association (Ohio). The Children’s Defense Fund New Abolitionist Association exist to abolish the cradle-to-prison pipeline, injustice, inadequate education, child abuse and poverty, gender inequality, and other issues which have a direct – and indirect – adverse affect on America’s youth.

After we speak to our guests, we want to focus on some the largest retailers in America that use prison slave labor in their business practices and there if you plan to go out and spend money this holiday season, we would hope that you do not spend with them now or anytime in the future.

Our state constitution profile in slavery will be Washington. Our abolitionist in profile will be George T. Downing.

New Abolitionists Radio seeks to educate the public and agitate for an end to 21st Century Slavery and Human Trafficking in the USA & Globally. It is an extension of the group Move To Abolish 21st Century Slavery

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One Reply to “New Abolitionists Radio – New Abolitionist Association (Ohio)”

  1. I am writing you in an effort to expose some of the injustices are happening in the Children Social Welfare. Specifically children in the foster care system; and the abuses that take place therein.

    First let me say, I am an educated woman. Studied engineering, I have traveled the world. I don’t drink, smoke or take any drugs etc. I’m financially independent, emotionally and physically stable and consider myself to be a very loving, conscientious and involved parent.

    The story begins with…

    An extremely intelligent male teenager had been arrested and falsely charged with seven counts of assault with a deadly firearm. The teenager had been interrogated without his parents or attorney being present. He had honestly tried to convey what had happened to the DA but had no idea that he was being set up to be incarcerated; as he had no prior experience with the law or New York penal system.

    This teenager had been taken to be arraigned and spent two nights in jail at central bookings until he was processed and arraigned.

    When the parents arrived they were shocked to find that the (Assistant District Attorney’s (ADA)’s deposition) did not acquiesce with the police report. They were also surprised that his report did it agree with the statement made by the alleged victim, who incidentally was the teenager’s mother. From reading the documents it would appear that The ADA had totally recreated the facts in order to write a stronger deposition against the teenager.

    Since this teenager was 16 years old, albeit a juvenile/minor, he would be charged as an adult. As a result of his arrest Administration Child Services (aka ACS) would get involved.

    In the course of time, ACS would maliciously fabricate another story to remand this teenager into the foster care system where his civil and constitutional rights would be violated.

    He would be vaccinated without the authorization or legal consent of his parents. He would be coerced and threatened with incarceration if he didn’t corroborate with ACS’s lies and agenda against his parents. ACS would also attempt to force the teenager to do things against his will. ACS would attempt to brainwash the teenager into believing that it was “his parents” wish that he remain in foster care. The teenager would also be told that if he did return to his parent’s home he would be arrested!

    This teenager was very quickly remanded into foster care without his parent’s knowledge. The parents believed their son to be staying at his grandmothers and had no idea that he had been remanded into foster care.

    By the time the parents were notified, the teenager had already spent 3/4 weeks in non-kinship foster care.

    In an effort to justify their actions ACS would then attempt to “back-peddle” and file a case against the parents in Family Court. Notably, this case would also prove to be fraudulent as it would not be based on facts but hearsay. The teenager would eventually run away and flee the country in order to remain safe and outside the jurisdiction of the courts.

    In an effort find the teenager, ACS and Family Court would attempt to force the parents into disclosing where the teenager was by violating their constitutional and civil rights as well; even though they had nothing to do with his escape.

    Their passports would be confiscated, their electronic media, telephone, emails, internet etc. monitored, they’d be illegally arrested and incarcerated. They would be unable to make a living. Essentially they were being targeted. Life would never be the same for them again.
    As the parents began to educate themselves they started learning about all of the corruption, atrocities and abuses currently happening in Children Social Welfare Systems across the country. They also would understand how states are allowing their agencies to rule by feelings and not law – removing children from their families under false pretenses. They would also experience firsthand how the US is becoming a nation without law that makes decisions based on subjectivity. They would experience firsthand how state and government agencies are being allowed to bastardize and emasculate the Constitution and the familial rights of its citizens to be governed by the rule of men rather than the rule of law!

    This is my attempt to exposes some of the abuses that are happening to those parents who have been falsely accused of child abuse/neglect; have had their children taken from their homes and placed in the foster care system. This is my attempt to expose how some doctors within the foster care system are recklessly endangering the health of these children in foster care by giving them medical treatment or psychotropic drugs without the consent of their parents. This is my attempt to expose the abuses of the very same system that claims it is protecting them.

    This must stop. Any insight to how we can stop this would be appreciated.

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