Slavery revolt in Texas rocks private prison enslaver Management & Training Corp

By Scotty Reid

Nearly 3,000 enslaved persons revolted against the inhumane treatment they are receiving at the hands of the private contractor Management & Training Corp that has a contract with the Federal Bureau of Prisons. The captive laborers are being enslaved at the Willacy County Correctional Center located at 1800 Industrial Drive in Raymondville, TX. Those being held at the facility reportedly staged a work stoppage in protest of medical maltreatment among other complaints. Hundreds of people die in American prisons every year due to medical neglect and whether MTC was using in-house medical staff or has its own private medical subcontractor is not known at this time.

Raymondville sits only a few miles from the border of Mexico. There are actually two prison plantations in Raymondville, Texas. The Willacy County Correctional Center is listed on Google Maps as adult “correctional” facility and a separate prison marked for immigration detention.

The corporate media is not distinguishing between the two facilities or if Management & Training Corp has a federal contract to operate both. The type of work that the prisoners refused to engage in is also not clear. Reportedly most were being held on “low level” immigration violations. Many prisons both governmental and non-governmental operate prisons like labor farms, modern slave plantations where the captive, mostly convicted or framed for non-violent drug war laws, make products and provide services for some of the nation’s well-known corporations across several industries.

Thus far, no serious injuries have been reported and the majority of those who took part in the civil disobedience and declaration of their human rights are said to be in “negotiations” with the FBI. Local slave patrols converged on the prison which seem to consist of mostly large tents behind barbed wired fences and concrete walls. Men with shotguns, presumed law enforcement officers, could be seen standing outside the prison ready to shoot the first slave that tries to escape.

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