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The Abolitionist’s Daily is a new effort in the fight against America’s oldest evil- slavery. An extension of the weekly broadcast, “New Abolitionists Radio”, program creator and host Yohanan EliYah will bring you all of the news that we simply do not have enough time to report on in a 2-hour weekly format. In addition to raw news, The Abolitionist’s Daily will also focus on bringing the listeners the most important and influential voices of the move to abolish 21st century slavery and human trafficking.

Yohanan EliYah is a journalist and researcher with a large social media following across several genres of varying interests. The abolition of slavery stands as one of his most passionate pursuits.


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5 Replies to “The Abolitionist’s Daily”

  1. 3/6/2014, Hi again, it is 11: 12am and I want to listen via phone. I have your
    number programmed on my Smart Phone and this time they said that the
    number is out of order. Please have administration due a “microphone/conference call check before the curtains come up. I will
    keep trying…..

    Peace to you also.

  2. On 2/25/2015. When I called in, the women said that the ” call was on hold”.
    Please have someone test the call in line during the show to see that it
    is operable.

    Thank goodness there is a back up via Internet.

    Show is moving along nicely.

    • Thank You so much for listening in, and we apologize for the technical problems… simple user error, it shouldn’t happen again. Peace to you.

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