Racism/Terrorism Report Vol. 1 Issue 5

2015 Racism Report

Lawsuit says Madison high school failed to address racism

A former student at a Madison parochial high school is suing the school and its two top administrators over claims of unchecked racial harassment. Blake Broadnax, an African-American student, and his parents, Keith and Rena, contend that Edgewood High School, its president, Michael Elliott, and its principal, Robert Growney, failed to properly punish students whose racial taunts caused Broadnax to leave the school in December 2013. “From 2011 through December 2013, while a student at Edgewood, Blake was subjected to repeated incidents of racial harassment, discrimination and bullying,” the lawsuit states. “In some cases, defendants were made aware of these incidents and failed to take actions necessary to stop them from occurring.” Read more…

Islamophobia used as a cover for exploitation, racism, and inequality

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said on Sunday that Islamophobia is being used as a cover for exploitation, racism, and inequality. He made the comments during the 6th International Hadith and Sirat Studies Award Ceremony organized by Meridyen Association, a Turkish non-profit organization, in Istanbul.  During his speech, Davutoğlu warned against the perception management at work against the Prophet Mohamed. He said that Islamophobia is a concept which is being utilized by the current dominant world order to protect their own agenda. Using an Orientalist approach to Islam prevents teaching generations of children about the Prophet’s true character and morality, which opposes global exploitation, inequality, and racism.  Read more…

The poignant moment a brave young man protesting against racism stands up to a scowling neo-Nazi

It was the moment a man, hands open in peace, stood up to a swastika-tattooed neo-nazi with his fists clenched in rage. A striking picture, taken by photographer Kenji Wardenclyffe, captured the explosive moment during a Melbourne protest against the ‘Islamisation’ of Australia. The dramatic scenes occurred after Reclaim Australia, an anti-Islam group, organised protests at major cities across Australia, which were countered by anti-racism activists who held rallies in the same locations. The Reclaim Australia event in Melbourne was also crashed by neo-nazis, who spectacularly clashed with anti-racism groups. Read more…

Soccer player accuses fans of team he plays for of racism

Go Ahead Eagles player Giliano Wijnaldum had racist comments shouted at him during a confrontation between him and a group of his own club’s fans, AD reports. The confrontation happened after the home defeat against FC Twente (1-3) Sunday. Wijnaldum was confronted by four fans as he was leaving the stadium. They blamed him for the loss of the match, accusing him of a lack of commitment. Wijnaldum, of course, disagreed. According to the newspaper, this then turned into a brawl in which one of the fans got a bloody nose. Read more…

Franklin Graham ignores racism

Easter was last Sunday, but Rev. Franklin Graham is still wiping egg off his face. In an unintentionally insensitive Facebook post on March 12, the hugely influential White evangelist ignored the existence of racial bias by law enforcement in the U.S. by suggesting the easy solution to police shootings is to teach our children to obey authority. Read more…

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