Byron Allen says President Obama should not call people names

By Scotty Reid

Mr. Byron Allen recently was asked what he thought about President Obama referring to young people in Baltimore as thugs when they have been set up to fail. In addition to stating that the CEO of of the USA should not engage in name calling, Mr. Allen noted that Black people under President Obama’s watch have it worse than before he came in office and that Black people would be better off under a white president. Mr. Allen then referred to Mr. Obama as a white president in Black face, a charge that was also made by Dr. Cornell West.

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2 Replies to “Byron Allen says President Obama should not call people names”

  1. “””””Dr. Cornell West has been frowned upon in the Black Community because he has called Mr. Obama for what he truly is and that is a Oligarch and Plutocrat.He protects and supports big business.

    I truly admire Dr. West. I get to meet him on a yearly basis. He does a fundraiser for our organization at NO COST. He is really a very poetic intellectual.

    I totally agree with Mr. Scott, Mr. Obama should never call
    Pre-Saves names!!!!!

    I will never give Mr. Obama a pass, he signed up for this job, no one made him
    take this position. No one held a gun and told him he was going to get 100
    lashes if he does not run for president, With that being said, I am sick and
    tired of people giving this man cover, just because he is Black. Their are things
    he can do through “Executive Order.” He does not need Congress approval to
    do so. He can allocate monies into these Black communities where there is a
    plethora of homelessness, hunger, high unemployment and so forth. He has
    the power to do that with the stroke of a pen. What is stopping him? His job
    is to ensure the safety and health of the public

    Wall street got “bailed out”
    and we the people got “sold out.”

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