Political Prisoner Radio – Zakiya Zakiya Sankara-Jabar, Parent Advocate and Executive Director of Racial Justice NOW

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Zakiya Zakiya Sankara-Jabar is a Parent Advocate and Executive Director of Racial Justice NOW! Racial Justice NOW! (RJN) is a community based organization made up of educators, parents, youth, clergy, and grassroots activists. RJN is dedicated to fighting institutional and systemic racism. By focusing on human rights, RJN seeks to empower other grassroots activists to challenge systemic racism by organizing and holding people in power accountable. Through her advocacy at RJN! Zakiya trains and acts as an advocate on behalf of other parents at suspension and expulsion hearings and at IEP meetings.

In addition, Zakiya does policy work at the local and state level pushing for systemic changes in school discipline codes of conduct and state law changes around “zero-tolerance”. Zakiya is also a Co-Chair of the Dignity in Schools in Campaign which is a national coalition of youth, parents, educators, lawyers and advocates working to ensure children are treated with dignity and fairness in schools.

As we focus on Ohio tonight, we want to remind people that the two remaining members of the United Freedom Front who were also known as the Ohio 7, are still in prison. Those two political prisoners are Tom Manning and Jaan Laaman.

During the second segment we will speak with Russell Shoatz III about his father and political prisoner Russell Maroon Shoatz.

There are no political prisoner birthdays this week.

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