3 men terrorize Black church goers in Salisbury, North Carolina

By Scotty Reid

A black church in Salisbury, North Carolina was the victim of either a prank or a terrorist act of intimidation. While the local new’s reports on the incident do not state the race/ethnicity of the three men who walked into the church all with back packs, we should work under the assumption that they were white suspected racist terrorists.

As the news report states, these men walked into the church all carrying back packs and started fumbling around in the back packs. Then the men started to move around to different seats in the sanctuary and one of the men walked into the pulpit area where the pastor was speaking.

Was this a terrorist prank meant to scare the people gathered at St. Luke Baptist church or was it a test run for future acts of terrorism?

Unfortunately the pastor seems to be fearful and perhaps traumatized by the incident and sought to minimize it. Following the heinous terrorist attack on that resulted in the murder of 9 people at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church several churches have been burned down, a Black church in Memphis was shot into, a racist white male stood outside of a Black church in Richmond and shouted racist slurs and threatened to kill everyone inside, the North Carolina based terrorist organization Loyal White Knights of The Ku Klux Klan held a terrorist recruitment rally in South Carolina, several men in trucks bearing confederate flags terrorized several Black children in Gastonia, North Carolina.

Despite the white terrorist threat level being in the red, it is inexcusable that Black churches are leaving themselves vulnerable to more attacks by allowing strangers to come into their churches unchecked and no means to defend themselves from would be attackers. The passiveness of the members of the Black church is doing nothing but inviting more terrorism to be visited upon them.

Update: The Salisbury post is confirming that the suspects were three white men between the ages of 19 and 24.

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4 Replies to “3 men terrorize Black church goers in Salisbury, North Carolina”

  1. I cannot even believe that this happened. You’d think the church would be more alert than this. And what if these terrorist did pullout and spray the church down? And to let them just fumble around in bags and move about as they pleased. The Black church is a joke. They better start teaching something other than obedience to god. And I’m sure God wouldn’t have mind if they kick these cowards out into the street. And where were the Black men? I’m sure they had wives and children in there. Did they not see this as a threat to their families?

    Looks like a particle run for sure, but you don’t need practice to shoot fish in a barrel.

  2. The bible says ” watch as well as pray and God help them
    who helps themselves.”

    This congregation need to get their
    act together with respect to stepping up with security
    measures; i.e guns and by any other means necessary
    to protect themselves.

    Did they get the memo that God wants them to be safe.

    I am so glad that no one got hurt and I do hope that this
    was a wake up/ WARNING call for them.

      1. I am currrenty in charlotte ,n.c. for my family reunion this weekend. I have family also in salsibury,n.c. for someone to say that this was not an act of white supremacy is to deflect the reality of what is going on. Black people in church : arm yourselves against these savages. They are basically punks when they are stood up to. Stop apologizing for these morons. Stop being scared!

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