Black Talk Radio News – Former Black Panther Elmer Dixon on Community Control of Police

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The police violence in the United States continues unabated and since the illegal arrest of Sandra Bland that resulted in her being found dead in a Texas jail cell, we heard news yesterday that the Fairfax County Police Department has completed its investigation of the jail house killing of Natasha McKenna and has cleared the six deupties of the Fairfax County jail of wrong doing even though the woman was fully restrained and tased up to four times. According to the database Killed By Police, as of today the police in the United States have killed 651 people.

Today we will be speaking with Black Panther member Elmer Dixon. Elmer and his brother Aaron Dixon co-founded the Black Panther Party chapter in the Seattle, Washington. We will speak with Mr. Dixon about using the organizing strategies used by the BPP in today’s struggles for justice. We would like to focus much of the attention on organizing against police brutality and communities gaining control over their local police.

In the news…

Fairfax County Police Department clears Fairfax Sheriff Deputies of murdering Natasha McKenna

North Carolina legislature moves to protect racist Confederate monuments

Country’s youngest person convicted of murder nears prison release

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3 Replies to “Black Talk Radio News – Former Black Panther Elmer Dixon on Community Control of Police”

  1. Everybody has to do something until the Revolution comes.
    Until then, if one wants to march, protest, vote, write, broadcast
    or sing protest songs. Whatever it
    takes to get us closer to JUSTICE, than do it.!!!

    Let no one steal your THUNDER brothers and sisters.

    I respect and support our brothers and
    sisters who are out there doing SOMETHING instead of

    In the words of Curtis Mayfield WE
    MUST ” Keep on Pushin until we reach higher

    “We may have gotten off different boats,
    but we are in the same
    boat.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Power to the People

  2. Scotty don’t worry about somebody checking you on your part in this battle cuz like you said you get in where you fit in. You are running this network. Seems like your guest had a bit of a big head. He works in diversity counseling? Anyway I just thought he was kind of salty comparing yesterday to today. Like “we did more than talk” Right and we still have same trouble now as we did then.

    1. I was trying my best to treat the elder with respect but he sounded far removed from his Panther past. Pushing electoral politics when you just said it won’t work. Anyway. let me just keep my comments codified.

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