Justice Radio Station ‘Independently United Liberating Ladies’ “ORIGINAL PEOPLE, so-called Negro, Black, non-white, BECOME ONE!” 9/17/15

INDEPENDENTLY UNITED LIBERATING LADIES!SUGARTime: 1:00 PM Eastern Phone (712)775-7035 code 879949# Star 6,1 for ON AIR Constructive Interactions, Philosophy, Opinions, Suggestions . Express Your Self with Mary, of 13th Colony USA Incorporated  Open-Air Prison 2015. Where signs everywhere say WHITES ONLY. Mistreatment of girls, ladies all non white people continue up to now.

Today, RAmember!

To  shed light on the path to stop us from stumbling and falling, Mary, Ladies, each person, give Your SELF a Mental Physical. Change your Goals, Perceptions, Habits. Know Self, Know History. STAY READY, TO create a system where the individual will guarantee no one is mistreated and who needs help the most gets the most constructive help.    


In a system of Peace, as it should have been in the first place, Peace, Ultimate Health, Prosperity Family, Ladies, Everyone.

Definite Purpose of Liberating Ladies is Visualizing Creating, Implementing, Peace Centered Curriculum (the individual will guarantee that no one is mistreated including self and guarantee that who needs the most constructive help receives it).

A system of PEACE will be better than what we have. True or True? Express Your Self.


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