Black Talk Radio News – Origins of “Black On Black Crime” Myth & Black People Promoting It

9-17-2015 2-57-49 PM
Today lets discuss the myth of “Black on Black Crime” which is being cited by high profile Black people who may mean well or are caving in to pressure from racists practicing white supremacy. After being criticized by white people, Min. Louis Farrakhan backed off his codified call for 10,000 Black men to address police terrorism and now is saying his comments were a call for Black men to take on “Black on Black Crime“.

Ben Carson has been using the “Black on Black Crime” to deflect from questions about addressing police terrorism and the lack of accountability in policing. Since Carson is running for the GOP presidential nomination, it is safe to assume I believe, he is just telling those racist suspect whites that make up the base he needs to advance politically what they want to hear.

Finally, Richard Sherman, the outspoken NFL corner-back for the Seattle Seahawks was recently asked by a member of the press what he thought about “Black Lives Matter”. Sherman kind of waffled his answer before redirecting the focus to “Black on Black Crime“. Perhaps Sherman was being emotional or worried about losing corporate endorsements.

Lets also discuss the Black and non-white tools of racism I call proxy racist tools or the practice of “Proxy Racism”. Unfortunately, Black and other non-white people keep showing up in videos in cases of injustice involving police and its like the elephant in the room no one seems to want to address.

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  1. Amen to the speaker.. We have to help one another, promote one another, correct one another..I’m speaking of Black people..What we can do for ourselves.

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