Black Talk Radio News – Ahmed Mohamed & Proxy Racism

9-17-2015 2-25-11 PM

Lets discuss the Black and non-white tools of racism I call proxy racist tools or the practice of “Proxy Racism”. Unfortunately, Black and other non-white people keep showing up in videos in cases of injustice involving police and its like the elephant in the room no one seems to want to address. The first time I saw the story of the Sudanese-American boy named Ahmed Mohamed, the article featured a picture of him in handcuffs with a Black cop in the background standing there with his arms crossed.

In the Sandra Bland case, Walter Scott case, Freddy Gray and now this Black teen in Stockton California who brutalized for walking in the bus lane in the street, there seems to always be the ever present proxy tool of racism participating in brutalizing people who look like them.

Unfortunately we are aiding the system of racism and targeting youth with white supremacist policies that were promoted by people like Hillary Clinton who called for zero tolerance in schools but what we have seen is blatant racism designed to destroy non-white youth.

While I believe it is true that only white people can end institutional racism but I also believe that if non-white people stopped acting as proxy agents of a racist system it would be more difficult for racist white people to practice institutional racism and it would not be so prevalent globally.

Speaking of institutional racism, so far today there has been a media white out concerning historic legislation introduced yesterday by Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Keith Ellison that would abolish all private prisons and jails.

Instead of asking the presidential candidate what their thoughts are on the “Justice Is Not For Sale Act“, questions about the circus GOP debate on CNN. Of course that is news worthy but thus far not a single minute of coverage has been on corporate media today.

What are your thoughts on the Justice Is Not For Sale Act and/or Proxy Racism?

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