*OPEN- AIR PRISON* “USA INC.” Justice Radio Station NIGHTLY! 9:00 PM Eastern 9/18/15

Meta Physical  20015Time: NIGHTLY! 9:00PM Eastern Phone (605)562-3140 code 918135# star 6,1 for ON AIR Constructive Interactions, Philosophies, Opinions, Suggestions. WELCOME FAMILY, EVERYONE. BEST TO YOU AND YOURS SCOTTY REID, NETWORK, RIGHT ON! In light of History, Politics and Mis- Education of us all, How do you Cope? What are your suggestions about goal setting? Who Am I? Am I Really Who I Am? Am I All I Ought To Be? 

Close Your Eyes and Watch  Tehuti and Maat Present -The Ausarian Drama, The oldest recorded story of the Holy Royal Family, being used as a Blue-Print for Self Growth and Development!


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