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Private Prisons

Today we will be joined by former naval intelligence specialist, political activist and writer David Yankovich. Mr. Yankovich believes that private prisons are a national embarrassment and he recently wrote about how they embrace corrupt practices to boost their profits. In his article “Private Prisons Embrace Corruption to Boost Profits“, David writes,

“These businesses spent over $45 million in lobbying to make sure when you get sent to jail, you go to their jails. They are so good at this that there was a 37% increase of private prisoners between 2002-2009.”

We will also ask Mr. Yankovich to provide an analysis of the Justice Is Not For Sale Act 2015.

In the news…

Reportedly, a bi-partisan group of Senators have reached a deal on criminal justice reform concerning drug war sentencing guidelines. They have also agreed to eliminate the bipartisan “3 Strikes” legislation passed during President Clinton’s administration. Does this proposed legislation do enough to end 21st Century Slavery & Human Trafficking in the USA?

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If I take an abolitionist stance, I have to say this legislation simply reduces the amount of time a person may serve in prison as a casualty of the drug war. Reforming sentencing does nothing to address the root of the specific problem which 21st Century Slavery & Human Trafficking.

Our condolences go out to the reported victims of a mass shooting at Umpqua Community College.

The CEO of USA Inc is calling for more gun control legislation which has been the standard of the Obama administration. Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders says it is time for a sensible dialogue. Video.

2016 Candidates React to the UCC ShootingObama said “our thoughts and prayers are not enough” for victims of #UCCshooting, but that’s all Republicans are offering

Posted by NowThis on Friday, October 2, 2015

My two cents is that every time there is a reported shooting of this nature, mental illness and other societal factors figure into the equation. How much of an influence does video game violence, violence on television and cable, violence in the movies, wars and rumors of wars involving USA Inc, the violence of the police, how much does all this violence play into the decisions of the people who carry out such heinous acts? Gun Control politics of the left is like the Abortion politics of the right, distractions from more pressing solvable issues like abolishing slavery and human trafficking.

Abolish Private Prisons #JusticeIsNotForSale

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