Friday, October 2nd 8:00PM Eastern/ 5:00PM Pacific


The Context of White Supremacy hosts the fifth study session on Gary Rivlin’s Katrina: After The Flood. Mr. Rivlin is a White man; while working for the New York Times he reported on the legendary engineering failure and negligence that devastated New Orleans in August of 2005. His 2015 bestseller examines ten years of asymmetrical “recovery.” To be blunt, a decade of black New Orleanians being racially dislocated and purposely hampered from reconstructing their lives. Rivlin investigates all areas of people activity: the institution of charter schools, the demolition of public housing, and outright looting of funds designated for flood victims. Last week’s installment described bands of armed black youth who helped secure the Convention Center and helped care for distressed citizens as best they could. Alden McDonald confirmed that his cars and house – along with most of New Orleans East – was rubbish. Rivlin also detailed Joseph Canizaro’s involvement with the New Orleans’ restoration effort. He’s a powerful White man with direct connections to Karl Rove and President Bush. Canizaro owns a private jet, several successful business, Texas property near Mr. Bush and gives bikes to poor black children in his spare time. We hope this text will offer a more complete understanding of Hurricane Katrina and it’s aftermath as a meticulously planned campaign of genocide against black New Orleanians.



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