Black Talk Radio News – Coulter, Jefferson, Huckabee & Confederate Terrorists

10-16-2015 2-07-52 PM

Today we will share and comment on several social/political news stories from behind the enemy lines of USA Inc.

In the news….

A Gaston County confederate flagger was fired from his job after his confederate flag waving truck was discovered with a firearm within on the plant grounds due to the vigilance of employees.

Presidential hopeful and Christian minister Mike Huckabee agreed with an Iowa radio host that slavery should be used to punish poor people caught stealing. You might dismiss this as crazy talk about isn’t that what is already happening? Of course it is already happening as the 13th Amendment clearly states. Maybe he means slavery for poor white people but some of them are victims of 21st Century Slavery and Human Trafficking too. Of course no one, not even the CEO of America believes that wealthy people who steal should be sentenced slavery unless they are named Bernie Madoff and you steal from wealthy people.

We know one person who probably believes in practicing slavery just like Huckabee is conservative commentator Ann Coulter who recently suggested on Twitter that no one has been arrested or jailed for smoking pot. She was on The View to hock her latest book where she mentioned her pride in being a descendant of “settlers” who were not immigrants to the North American continent.

Minister Louis Farrakhan in remarks at the Jutice or Else rally told the attendants and those watching via video feed to do some homework regarding Thomas Jefferson whom the minister said was “one of the most brilliant of the Founding Fathers of this country”. We did our homework and in addition to what we already knew about Jefferson, upon further research, we found that Thomas Jefferson was more vile and evil than what we already knew and while he pretended at one point to be an abolitionist, just like the great deceiver Lincoln, Jefferson was a fraud. During Jefferson’s time, Virginia abolitionist Moncure Conway who noted Jefferson’s enduring reputation as a would-be emancipator, remarked scornfully, “Never did a man achieve more fame for what he did not do.”

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  1. This former pastor, M. Huckabee, is practicing 2 Peter 2:3: “And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.”

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