Confederate Flagger Found With Firearm Fired At Plant Obama Visited In 2012

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According to anonymous employees, a white male was fired from the Daimler truck plant in Mt. Holly, NC after a firearm was discovered in his truck which was parked in the employee parking lot which is prohibited.

Sources tell Black Talk Radio that a white male started flying a huge confederate flag from the back of his personal truck at the truck manufacturing plant. The attention that he attracted to himself led to vigilant employees taking the initiative to survell the potential terrorist which led to the discovery of the firearm in the truck parked on the plant grounds.

During the not so distant debate concerning the removal of the flag from South Carolina state house grounds in Columbia after the white supremacist terrorist Dylan Roof assassinated South Carolina state senator Rev. Clementa Pinckney and brutally murdered 8 others attending Bible Study at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, confederate/white supremacy sympathizers that work at the Mt. Holly plant in a coordinated effort all wore t-shirts bearing the flag which was adopted by the Klu Klux Klan following the civil war in the late 1800s as a form of visual terrorism and symbol of white supremacy. North Carolina during the sixties had the largest Klan membership than any other state.

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President Obama talks about an all-of-the-above American energy strategy at a Daimler manufacturing plant in North Carolina that’s making trucks that run on natural gas. March 7, 2012.

In 2012, the Ceo of USA Inc, President Barack Obama gave a speech on energy at the plant that manufactures commercial trucks that run on natural gas.

Mt. Holly is a small town located in Gaston County which was among the few counties in North Carolina that sent troops to join the confederate army during the American civil war. While a majority of white residents in Gaston County did not personally enslave Africans which was limited to a few wealthy families, poor whites in the county supported the Confederacy because they wanted to have the right to enslave other human beings and strongly believed in the white supremacy myth.

White supremacist and confederate sympathizer Dylann Roof.
White supremacist and confederate sympathizer Dylann Roof.

The terrorist Dylan Roof who is charged with first degree murder charges and not terrorism charges in the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church attack back in June, was caught in Cleveland county which neighbors Gaston County, after a woman from Gaston County noticed his car with confederate plates on the front and thought he looked like the man seen on video entering the church and alerted police. Roof was taken in without incident and was later treated to Burger King by the Shelby Police.

Several incidents involving confederate sympathizers/terrorists have occured in Gaston County since the capture of Dylan Roof in June. Several Black teens who had been at a Gaston County, Walmart reported to Gastonia Police that they had been chased by whites in trucks all bearing the confederate flag. The Gastonia Police said after the teens made their report that no laws had been broken and they could not do anything. North Carolina has laws against both “menacing” and “stalking” on the books. After that incident a man flying a confederate flag from his jeep ventured into a predominately Black neighborhood and was reportedly shot at by unknown individuals prompting the man to vow to put his flag away because it wasn’t worth dying over. There were also reports of confederate flags being stolen from personal vehicles.

Sources at the Daimler truck plant in Mt. Holly said that some of the employees feared for their lives and were highly suspicious that the white male would all of a sudden start to flying the flag from his truck and decided to watch the man very closely. Someone looked into the unnamed man’s truck and saw a firearm prompting a report to management. When it was confirmed that the individual did bring a firearm on the grounds of the plant, the man was fired and escorted from the premises without incident.

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