The C.O.W.S. Compensatory Call-In 10/31/15

Saturday, October 31st 9:00PM Eastern/ 6:00PM Pacific

Compensatory Call Inlisten-000000The Context of White Supremacy hosts the weekly Compensatory Call-In. We encourage non-white listeners to dial in with their codified concepts, new terms, observations, research findings, workplace problems or triumphs, and/or suggestions on how best to Replace White Supremacy With Justice ASAP. We’ll use these sessions to hone our use of words as tools to reveal truth, neutralize White p  eople. We’ll examine news reports from the past seven days and – hopefully – promote a constructive dialog.


South Carolina captivated the country again, as multitudes feigned surprised about a black female student being brutalized by former white officer Ben Fields. Race Soldier Fields has a history of alleged misconduct and was formerly terminated earlier this week. Mr. Fields’ conduct should be evaluated within the historical context of South Carolina luminaries like Governor Ben Tillman, Senator Strom Thurmond, Dr. J. Marion Sims, and Dylann Storm Roof. While much was said about the disgraceful and common abuse of a black South Carolina child, nothing was said about the pending trial of Daniel Holtzclaw, which has been reschedule for Monday, November 2nd.  Alleged predators like Holtzclaw prompted one black male to seek sanctuary north of the U.S. border in Canada. Unfortunately, White Supremacy is a global enterprise; Canada has no shortage of reports of black Canadians being abused.

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