Black Talk Radio News – Corp Media & Republicans fail to link Hillary Clinton to Russian plane bombing

11-9-2015 12-35-56 AM
It is evident that the mainstream media can not be trusted to tell the truth about the incompetence and bad decision making of Hillary Clinton while serving as the Secretary of State. Even though Republican presidential Candidate Sen. Marco Rubio gave some crucial information about the bombing of the Russian airliner over Egypt, he failed to deliver the punch line and connect the dots leading right to Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration.

Anyone with reasonable critical thinking skills should be able to make the connection of the unlawful overthrow of Libya to the terrorist bombing of the Russian airliner which killed 224 people.  The blood of the passengers as well as thousands killed in Libya along with its Prime Minister by Islamic proxy terrorists is squarely on the Obama administration.

In the news…..

11-6-2015 12-21-21 PM
Congressman John Lewis is turning out to be one of the most butter biscuit eating proxy racist tools of Hillary “Zero Tolerance” Clinton as he helped her last week to campaign on the dead bodies of victims of police terrorism and racist white vigilante terrorists.

As the Oklahoma NAACP is calling foul over the selection of an all-white jury in the trial of the serial rapist cop Daniel Holdsclaw, the Gaston County local NAACP chapter President is on Facebook promoting a video mocking Black people for being Black and calling themselves Black.

It is unfortunate when not only do you have to deal with racist confederate flag waving white people in this area, we have a proxy racist tool at the NAACP helping other proxies spread anti-blackness

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