New Abolitionists Radio – The fraud of the Congressional 13th Commemoration

11-25-2015 7-19-09 PM
Tune in for two hours of news, information and commentary concerning legalized slavery and human trafficking. Due to unforeseen circumstances, our America is Ferguson Series will continue next week.

Tonight our top story will be the continued fraud of the US Congress commemorating the passage of the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution that despite popular myths, did not abolish slavery and human trafficking associated with the slave trade. House Speaker Paul Ryan announced via his website that “On Wednesday, December 9, congressional leaders will commemorate the 150th anniversary of the ratification of the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which formally abolished slavery in the United States.”

As Chicago marches to demand fundamental changes in the city and an end to systemic police criminality after the video of Laquan McDonald being murdered by Chicago police thug Jason Van Dyke, another story that was reported earlier this year is gaining attention again. A Burger King district manager is once again telling the media that after McDonald was killed in the street near one of the restaurants, four to five cops came in and asked to see video footage captured on store cameras and after they left, they had deleted almost an hour of the footage showing the execution. There is no known investigation into the conspiracy to cover up the murder of the 17 yr-old teenager.

Will the Feds finally start tracking the true number of people killed or shot by police in the United States? Considering US Attorney General Lorretta Lynch’s recent rejection of requiring police to report shootings to the feds, many activist remain skeptical.

A Sherriff blames jail overcrowding on the for-profit prison and jail industry.

This week’s Rider of the 21st Century Underground Railroad is Donald Eugene Gates, a man who spent 27 years in jail after being wrongly convicted of a crime he didn’t commit.

Our Abolitionist in profile tonight is evangelist, abolitionist, and feminist, Sojourner Truth (c. 1797-1883)

Expect all of that and more tonight on New Abolitionists Radio!

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