Thug Cop indicted in Sandra Bland arrest

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By Scotty Reid – A Waller County Grand Jury has issued an indictment in the Sandra Bland case but the indictment of the thug cop seen on video threatening the young woman with a taser and ordering her from her vehicle after she declined to put out a cigarette has nothing to do with her jailhouse death.

Instead the cop, Trooper Brian Encinia was indicted for the act of perjury related to the arrest of Bland that should have never taken place. Special Prosecutor Darrell Jordan, who was one of the special prosecutors, said the perjury charge was related to Trooper Encinia’s probable cause statement about the stop.

“He said he pulled Sandra Bland from the car in order to further his traffic stop investigation,” Jordan said in a telephone interview Wednesday. “The grand jury did not believe that statement to be true and returned a true bill.”

The entire incident was captured on police dash cam video which showed that after writing Ms. Bland a ticket for failing to signal a lane change, the stop should have ended but Encinia escalated the situation when Bland did not follow his unlawful order to put out her cigarette. The Texas Department of Public Safety had said that Encinia had violated several procedures pertaining to the stop.

Very little is known about what kind of evidence was presented to the secret Grand Jury relating to her death which was ruled a suicide by a medical examiner after Bland allegedly was found in a cell with a plastic trash can liner around her neck.

The perjury charge is a class-A misdemeanor in Texas and carries a possible penalty of one year in jail in addition to a $4,000 fine.

The Texas Department of Public Safety said it is going to begin termination proceedings against Encinia.

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