BTR News – Artist John C. Sims Organizes Confederate Flag Burning Demonstration on Memorial Day

John C Sims is a multi-media political math artist who creates across the areas of mathematics, art, text, performance, and political-media activism. John will discuss the continuation of his efforts in a movement to vanquish white supremacy symbolism from the public square. John has organized an event which he hopes become a tradition to treat the confederate flag with the dishonor it deserves every Memorial Day, a day when US military Veterans are symbolically celebrated across the United States.

Memorial Day Tradition was started by newly freed enslaved Africans and the first Memorial Day observance was on a Monday, May, 5, 1865. It was held to honor US Union troops who gave their lives in defeating the short lived Confederate army which fought to keep them enslaved.

On Memorial Day who can host your own Burn & Bury event or do it as an individual and become part of a new Memorial Day Tradition.. For materials visit and download your free kit to participate in the what we hope will become Black tradition.

5-28-2016 3-15-59 PM

We’ll also ask John Sims his thoughts on the US House of Representatives voting to symbolically ban confederate flags at federally maintained cemeteries.

This news and more today on Black Talk Radio News.

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