Greetings, NEW YOU NOW! NEW YOU, NEW YEAR 2017 so I’ve been told.Include Independent Study in Goal Setting. Use words revealing Absolute Truth, countering colonized culture, miseducation of all. .Justice Radio Station Jailhouse Psychotherapy Revolution! Thanks for encouraging exposing exhaustion of wisdom in the socialization process. Institutions counted on for growth, development are failing to help develop constructive relations between most individuals.

Beginning and End of all knowledge is Knowledge of Self. Greatest impediment to Knowledge of self is self perception. I kindly suggest Everyone ask, answer Who Am I? In Light of Colonized Education,   Politics, Mind.

I want everyone, keep a teachable spirit, open the mind. Like a parachute, it only works when open.

Remember. Truth is Absolute. Beginning and end of all Knowledge is Knowledge of Self. Greatest Impediment to Knowledge of Self is self perception.

Truth is Absolute, Infinite. What is Absolute (unquestionable… not opinion, belief, faith) is “I Am Here Now”.

What is the greatest Impediment to Knowledge of Self?

  Question everything taught!

  Thanks for Networking!


Colonization-Process of invading, settling, dominating a sovereign nation for the economic benefit of the invading nation. Indirect administrative and direct military control is established by the invading group for maximum exploitation of the people,  land, things.

 Colonization is the first phase of imperialism.

 Imperialism-The policy of dominating, exploiting weaker, foreign nations and or territories through foreign administration, subjugation, exploitation, war.

 Enslaved Mentally-The inability of some long-exploited peoples (specifically Africans/ Blacks) to think, behave and or speak outside of the context of their enslavers. Someone with an enslaved mentality acts in the best interest of their enslavers and or oppressors rather than themselves.

 Self hate=the subconscious or conscious act of disliking ones’ self. Self hate is a learned response.

PEACE, Ultimate Health, Prosperity!


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