Identity Crisis? Understand Nature, Structure of Human Mind!  Express Self E-mail -democracyversusjustice@gmail.com.  Suggestions wanted  from All to Counter the unjust super natural abnormal Corporation masquerading as a Nation, Democracy, Republic, (Union, Confederacy).

 Destination in mind Family, LIBERATION!

Questions, comments: democracyversusjustice@gmail.com


Revisit Knowledge of Self, using ABSOLUTE TRUTH

  1. Acquire, Live Knowledge of Self. Who Am I! Answer:”Peace, Love.”

2 See the Nature and Structure of  Human Mind.

3.. Transfer Identity from Person to Self.

    Remembering WHO “I” ‘is.’  Get It?

                   Express Self: democracyversusjustice@gmail.com


Thanks for Keeping Justice Radio Station here.

http://yourbookstoreforjustice.info/  Visit,  Listen, Be a Guest, Host a Show, Promote Business/Events, Order, Donate, Share!

Most of all, everything you believe, ask, is it Absolutely True?

 Does  “R_A_C_E   MATTER!?    Does  R_A_C_E   MATTER!?

R_A_C_E, a Political Strategy in the Criminogenic Society—  Criminogenic-producing or leading to crime.

 JAILHOUSE PSYCHOTHERAPY Liberation Revolution for the individual: Know Structure-Function of Human Mind.

Brain:Mind picks up information-language, signs, symbols, stereotype- programs person to fit in.

Conditioning inside, being control by condition.


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