BTR News: Sports and Black people, should they play ball?

Tomorrow is the biggest sports event of the year with the NFL staging its “Super Bowl” which will be watched by millions of people on the planet. Whenever the popular pro sports leagues hold a championship in which Black people will play, there are those who say Black people should not play professional sports to entertain white people. There are those who compare playing professional sports to slavery. I do not hold that view and I despise comparing playing a game to people forced to work or be tortured for not working. I’ll tell you why on this broadcast.

Before we get to the main topic in the second hour, during the first hour we will go over some of the social political news of the day.

In the News:

5 Reasons That May Have Caused Delaware Prison Riot, New FCC Won’t Defend At DC Circ. Parts Of Inmate Call Caps, Tenn. Governor Seeks Free Community College For All AdultsFCC is stopping 9 companies from providing federally subsidized Internet to the poorAfrica: Trump’s Africa Policy – Unclear and Uncertain and Trump Will Sign Executive Order Supporting HBCUs: Report.

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