Ignorance is killing us. No Metaphor.

Former Secretary of State James Baker was asked by CNN’s John King if (Let me write this deceptively phrased question verbatim)
“Is there a moral equivalency between the United States and Vladimir Putin?”

This only moments after he mentioned FAUX news Bill O’really telling Trump that Putin is a killer during a pre game super bowl sunday interview .
Now all of this went on after Baker made his pitch for carbon taxes. Something that if you dig deep enough you’ll get pissed off about. But that is another story.
Anyway he seemed to know exactly what crispy cut King meant and said with conviction; “No. There is NO moral equivalency. Absolutely not. “

Here are his 3 examples of proof.
1- We have a free press.
2- We have a solidly functioning democracy
3- We have respect for human rights (and things like that)

While he was saying it I am reminded just how either uninformed, in denial and outright deceptive these so called historically racist world leaders in the US are.
He apparently doesn’t know anything about Byron Allen and the National Association of African-American Owned Media’s $20B racial discrimination suit. A suit that will likely uncover a blatant 1st amendment violation against all black media.

He must have never heard that The Electoral Integrity Project determined North Carolina is no longer a democracy. And didn’t we JUST elect a president who lost the popular election but won the electorate? A system set up to cater to southern slave states.
No metaphor.

Certainly he obviously missed it when 117 nations of the UN Human Rights Council blasted the US over its epidemic of police brutality, institutional racism, extrajudicial killings, and outright apathetic neglect.

He most definitely has never heard solitary confinement in a US prison is an unconstitutional practice of torture upon US citizens including children as defined by our own treaties. And I will bet dollars to donuts he doesn’t give a rats ass about the youth detention facilities run by a private prison where Federal Judge Carlton Reeves wrote that the prison;
“has allowed a cesspool of unconstitutional and inhuman acts and conditions to germinate, the sum of which places the offenders at substantial ongoing risk.”
A report by the Justice Department described it as
“systemic, egregious and dangerous practices”

I bet he doesn’t know about our overcrowded and brutal prisons where 25 men are raped every hour. Where  prisoners have staged riots as their only means to gain attention to their plight or that recently dozens across the country had to be locked down in concert with a media blackout because prisoners coordinated a nationwide slave labor work strike. Effectively the largest slave rebellion in US history.

I bet he also doesn’t know citizens are planning a Millions For Prisoners Human Rights March on Washington August 19th to seek redress for the issue of modern legalized slavery as allowed through the 13th amendment and exploited by everydamncity is #Ferguson USA.

He must not be aware of many things and because he is not aware he is incapable and unsuitable to speak with any authority whatsoever for the US population.

At least Trump had the balls to admit the truth. Saying
“We have a lot of killers, got a lot of killers. What, you think our country is so innocent?”

Yes you do. James Baker is one of them. The absolute ignorance is killing us.
No metaphor.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mon18OvH_g]

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