BTR News; Until The Terrorist Goes Boom!

BTR News, By Scotty Reid – In his first appearance before Congress as secretary of Homeland Security, John Kelly called Trump’s executive order banning citizens from seven predominately Muslim countries lawful and constitutional. In defending the travel ban, Kelly said five of the seven countries named in the order are “nearly failed states” and four of them do not have U.S. embassies.

It should be noted that several of the countries have been destabilized by American administrations going back to at least the last Bush administration racking up over a million civilian casualties of war in Iraq alone. Libya and Iraq were both victims of state sponsored fake news promoted by both the Bush administration in justifying its invasion of secular Iraq and the Obama administration in overthrowing the secular government of Libya. Some could rightly argue that the US so-called war on terror has made the world and the United States less safe as these countries a hot bed of extremist activity.

Rep. Bennie Thompson asked Mr. Kelly to provide information on any “bad people” who have been let into the U.S. since a court halted the executive order. Kelly admitted that there is no evidence but said we will not have any evidence “until the boom”.

While citizens from Egypt and Saudi Arabia are said by the US government to have participated in the 911 attacks in 2001, neither country finds itself part of the travel ban. However, in the case of Saudi Arabia which is facing a lawsuit from the families of 9/11 victims, it has been revealed that Trump recently started 8 business ventures in the country and even bragged about how much money he gets from Saudi citizens who rent his properties.

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